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Premiere: Panthera Krause ‘7 of 9’

 Leipzig’s Panthera Krause steps up on Soul of Hex’s Vicario Musique Recordings with the ‘Suddenly Human’ EP. ‘7 of 9’ is deep, dirty and enchanting…

Panthera Krause is set to make his Vicario Musique Recordings debut on 22nd September with the ‘Suddenly Human’ EP. A four track selection featuring three original cuts and a remix from Zombies in Miami, it’s a welcome return for the Leipzig-based producer whose distinct cuts have previously featured on labels including Lobster Theremin, Uncanny Valley and his own Riotvan.

For his debut on Soul of Hex’s label Panthera Krause does just what he does best as he delivers three cuts of his trademark gritty enchantment. ‘7 of 9’ – premiering below – is testament to that. A deep and dirty backdrop with a choppy drum sample flings itself about beneath layers of synth that build and build to a dancefloor demolishing peak. For fans of Daphni and Four Tet’s heftier moments.

"It's the inside that counts" 

Photo credit: Christian Rothe