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Premiere: G. ZIFCAK ‘Coughs’

Bergsonist revives BIZAARBAZAAR with a suitably eccentric compendium of abstract club and noise music from G. ZIFCAK, ‘NEXA’

Photo of G. ZIFCAK wearing glasses with eyes on them

Bergsonist is reviving her BIZAARBAZAAR label this week for the first time in three years with a new album from G. ZIFCAK, ‘NEXA’. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘Coughs’ below.

Arriving on 25th August, ‘NEXA’ will mark the first release on the Brooklyn imprint since 2020, and follows its signature vein of forward-thinking electronic and club-focused sounds. BIZAARBAZAAR was established by Bergsonist in the 2010s, and for the following decade functioned as a thriving space for some of the scenes most interesting  artists, including Thoom, Tristan Arp, and DeForrest Brown Jr.

At the fore of the label’s comeback is NYC-based musician and audiovisual artist, G. ZIFCAK, who serves up ten cuts of his own abstract club and noise music on ‘NEXA’. Described as a manifestation of his “preoccupation with de- and re-contextualized music and production”, the project veers  between off-kilter dancefloor movers and wild aural experiments.

Tracks like ‘Ducky Dirter’ and ‘Trudge The Peaks & Troughs Of Happy Diodes’ fall distinctly into the former camp, fitting their spliced-up beats with tough, gusty basslines, while ‘4/4 For Four Sines’ is an ear-splitting melange of television static and arrhythmic pulses.

The LP marks the culmination of the Bergsonist and  G. ZIFCAK collaborative efforts, which began back in 2015 when BIZAARBAZAAR stumbled upon ‘Coughs' on G. ZIFCAK’s Soundcloud page. Mesmerised by its “raw and unconventional creativity”, the bleepy banger was featured on the platform, and many years later, finds itself a fitting new home amidst the speculative sounds of the label’s resurgent release. Consider BIZAARBAZAAR back with a bang.

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‘NEXA’, out 25th August, is available to pre-order here. Listen exclusively to ‘Coughs’ below.