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Premiere: K-65 ‘Get Down’

Bristol’s K-65 debuts on Flightpath with four cuts of hammering breaks, electro and Detroit-devoted techno

K-65 standing against a brick wall looking to the right of the camera wearing a black jacket

K-65 will release a new EP, ‘Get Down’, via Mani Festo’s Flightpath label this week. Listen to the title track below. 

The Bristol-based producer follows releases on labels such as Maison Fauna, Crazed Behaviour and Huntleys & Palmers’ Belters imprint with four cuts that weld classic Detroit techno with searing breaks, electro and swooping bass. From the whiplash Jungle Tekno of opener, ‘Thinking’ – complete with squelching bass and minimal melodic plucks – to the slamming beat and wriggly FM loops of closer ‘Visions’, this is proper on-the-pulse dance music that wears its devotion to the likes of Jeff Mills and Robert Hood proudly on its sleeve.

The EP’s title track takes a swing at sizzling electro with a breakbeat techno chaser: the sort of rough-hewn, peak-time club gear that will send fans of DJ Stingray 313 and Nikki Nair into a frenzy. 

‘Get Down’ arrives on 31st March. Pre-order it here