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Premiere: RXM Reality ‘Big DJ Shoutout Is Missing’

Chicago’s RXM Reality steps up on Hausu Mountain with an album of abstract club music colleges, ‘blood blood blood blood’.  Hear the whirling electronics and disintegrating guitars of ‘Big DJ Shoutout Is Missing’ now

Experimental electronic artist RXM Reality will release his new album ‘blood blood blood blood’ via Chicago label Hausu Mountain this Friday 3rd April. 

Over 15 tracks, ‘blood blood blood blood’ traverses a wide range of club sounds, with flourishes of everything from industrial and grime to 8-bit and ambient. It makes for a head-scrambling collection of sonic collages that grabs you and shakes until you’re delightfully, intoxicatingly dizzy. 

Below, you can hear ‘Big DJ Shoutout Is Missing’, a fizzy, whirling electronic cut embellished with creeping, disintegrating acoustic guitars. 

Pre-order ‘blood blood blood blood’ here.