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Arturia's new soft synth Pigments sounds like nothing else: Watch

The French synth company's new hybrid synth is free until January 10th…

Arturia have introduced a new hybrid soft synth called Pigments. Based around two types of synth engines, Pigments uses a virtual analogue three-oscillator engine combined with a complex morphing wavetable engine, classic filters taken from the V Collection and 13 effects including delay, reverb and overdrive, graphical LFO editing and routing.

That in itself is nothing new, but where Pigment stands out is in its polyrhythmic sequencer, "AScale quantized pitch modulations" capable of building complex melodies and tones, chord mode for unison, gating and retriggering as a modulation source for rhythmic patterns and unconventional modulation sources like Turing and Binary random generators.

With such a focus on modulation and 'randomness', while the core sound is similar to the VA and Wavetable synths Arturia have already cloned, it's possible to create some whacky sounds. Pigments is priced at €199 but is free to try for everyone before Jan 10th. Watch the slightly OTT intro video below.