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Damon Albarn reveals Gorillaz may take a 10-year hiatus following current tour

“Mid-September 2028, so please come and see us now”

Damon Albarn has said that it may be 10 years before we hear another Gorillaz album.

Despite mentioning in August that he had a new album in the pipeline, the prolific artist revealed in an interview with Toronto Sun last week that he expected it would actually be quite some time before we get to hear a new album from the cartoon group.

When asked how long after the act’s current North American tour – which starts today (8th October) in Toronto – we could expect a follow up to this year’s ‘The Now Now’, Albarn said, “Well, we’re going to have to even it out. Since there wasn’t much time between these recent two records it’s probably going to be another 10 years... Mid-September 2028, so please come and see us now.”

Not only that, but Albarn has a lot of other projects on the go at the minute. This year, the Blur frontman will be releasing the second album from The Good, The Bad & The Queen, a project launched in 2007 with legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, Clash bassist Paul Simonon and Verve keyboardist Simon Tong.

If you live anywhere near where Gorillaz current tour is stopping then, you may want to grab tickets fairly quickly.

In the meantime, you can read our in-depth interview with Gorillaz’s Noodle, where she told DJ Mag about how she is fighting for the future of the band as we know it.