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Germany commits €150million to its live music industry

Its part of a bigger plan to rebuild cultural and entertainment businesses

Germany has committed €150 million to its live music industry as part of broader plans to kickstart the economy.

Following the initial COVID-19 pandemic, the new scheme from the German government entitled Neustart Kultur, which translates to restart culture, will see €150 million injected into the country's live music and events industry. It comes as part of the government's plans broader €1 billion plan to rebuild cultural and entertainment businesses.

Elsewhere in the plan, €20 million will be allocated to broadcasters and radio stations suffering during the pandemic, as well as €120 million to cinemas, and €100 million to cultural insitutions such as museums and heritage sites that have been without customers.

Last month, a small number of clubs in Berlin began reopening with strict social distancing measures as Germany’s coronavirus lockdown was relaxed.

In March, an emergency coronavirus fund for musicians worth up to €40million was launched in Germany.