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Nazar's debut Hyperdub album is inspired by his family's experience of civil war: Listen

"It's about the end, but it's also about dignity and remaining standing despite being mutilated"

Nazar will return to Hyperdub for the release of his debut album next year.

Titled 'Guerilla', the album sees the Manchester-based producer draw on his family's experiences of the Angolan Civil War. Using a kuduro framework, Nazar looks, a press release says, to "sensitively examine and digitalize his family's collective memory and country's past," with his father having been a rebel general in the country who published a wartime journal, called 'Memorias de Um Guerrilheiro', in 2006.

Nazar's mother and sisters feature on the album, as well as Hyperdub affiliates Shannen SP and Klein. 

"A couple of years ago, on one of many road trips I had with my father, we talked extensively about the conflict driving through Huambo and Luanda in Angola," Nazar explains, which is where some of the events of the album took place. Those trips were the roots of the ideas that make up this album, with the record taking shape across several trips back and forth, from Angola to his Manchester studio.

Speaking about the album's closing track, 'End of Guerilla', Nazar says: "It's about the end, but it's also about dignity and remaining standing despite being mutilated."

You can listen to lead track, 'UN Sanctions', which features a vocal sample from Klein, below.

Earlier this month, Hyperdub released a compilation, featuring tracks from Burial, Kode9 and more, as part of a limited edition Sega Megadrive package. Last month, another 15th anniversary compilation was released in collaboration with TV network AdultSwim.

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