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New community radio platform, Refuge Worldwide, launches in Berlin this week

Residents on the station include Angel D'Lite, Gramrcy, Nazanin Noori and Sally C

A new community radio platform, Refuge Worldwide, will launch in Berlin this week.

After launching fundraising series Refuge back in 2015, the team behind the Berlin-based organisation will launch a new community radio platform later this week: Refuge Worldwide.

According to Refuge, Worldwide’s programming will combine internationally recognised and promising local artists, as well as offering a platform to marginalised communities and grassroots groups. The station will have shows from magazines and collectives, journalists, venues and activists, DJs, live acts, spoken word artists and community leaders, and topics covered by the hosts will include sustainability, identity, sexuality, music, culture decolonisation, politics and more.

The station will rely on donations via Patreon, with the low-level package, "supporter", costing £3 per month, and the full "ally" membership available for £5 for month. Speaking about the new platform, Refuge co-founder, George Patrick, said: “Since 2015 the Refuge collective has been working in solidarity with NGO, non-profit and grassroots groups. This year we launch a new radio station to amplify the music and issues that we care about. The new Refuge Worldwide website will not only be a community platform but it will help to connect people with grassroots organisations and improve our fundraising efforts.”

In terms of music offerings, residents lined up for Refuge Worldwide include Angel D'Lite, Gramrcy, Nazanin Noori and Sally C, as well as Cromby, Mother (Rubadub), and Yuko Asuanuma. There'll also be takeovers from labels like Love On The Rocks, Partisan Records and Raiders. Featured collectives and platforms will include shows from female:pressure, an international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists; Berlin-based crew Climax, as well as CO:QUO, Black Brown Berlin, Daisychain Podcast, Warning, Femme Bass Mafia, Face The Music, and more.

Refuge Worldwide will begin broadcasting on Wednesday 20th January 2021. You can find out more about the station's programming schedule here.

In December, a new radio station with an emphasis on artists and music from Middle Eastern and North African countries (MENA) launched online.

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