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People are boycotting Berghain following changes in door policy

The club is now asking that people pay an extra €5 to re-enter

Berghain has been making some changes to its entry policy over the course of this month with the club opting to switch from its previous trusty stamping system to giving patrons wristbands upon entry to its lengthy Klubnacht parties. 

Another change, which seems to have particularly got the backs up of some attendees, is the club's decision to introduce a €5 charge in order to re-enter the club. It was previously free to leave and come back and costs €18 to get in initially.

A Facebook event has now emerged with the people behind it calling upon others to boycott the club following these changes. A message on the Facebook page reads, "Let's take this joint action and boycott Berghain Klubnacht for 1.5 month till Oct 31. If nothing happens, then let’s prolong the boycott to a proper 3 months. This is a chance for them to see what Berghain is without us and a chance for us to see if we can make them hear us and have a dialog (and also make a break)!"

You can find out more about the boycott via the Facebook event here.

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