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Rave tourists spend an average €200 per day in Berlin

A study also finds that 40% of the city's clubs play techno...

A report highlighted by iMS Ibiza's Business Report for 2019 has found that Berlin clubbers spent €200 on average per day during their time in the city last year.

The study, which was carried out by the Berlin Club Commission organisation, goes some way to highlighting just how important the clubbing industry and dance music scene is to Berlin economically. The report found that Berlin is home to 280 club venues and that they made €168 million in total during the 12 months of 2018. Those venues also employed around 9,000 people between them.

The most popular music played at the city's venues was jointly house and indie music, with both sitting at 47%. However, as you might expect, 40% of Berlin's clubs host techno events in some form. 

Also included amongst the report's finding related to Berlin's venues was the news that 11 of the city's clubs earn more than €2 million a year, while the average age of the city's clubbers is said to be 30.2. 

You can read the full report for yourself here.

Also included within the reports is the news that more people than ever are now attending live music events and that club closures around the world, and particularly in the UK, are continuing to rise.