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Roland share video celebrating classic TR-808 drum machine on 808 day

The video follows the journey of the late Larry Smith's personal Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer

Roland have shared a video celebrating the history of the TR-808 Rhythm Composer.

Each year on the 8th August Roland celebrate 808 Day and this year, they've launched a microsite to celebrate the birth, history and influence of the beloved 808 machine.

Alongside the microsite and an exclusive 808 headphone collaboration with V-MODA, Roland have shared a new mini-documentary featuring influential 808 users Larry Smith Jr., Rashad Smith, and Iz Avila, where they discuss the late Larry Smith's personal drum machine. The kit is also taken to Los Angeles and 1500 Sound Academy, where a future generation of producers are shown the original TR-808 for the first time.

Legendary New York hip-hop producer Larry Smith's personal Rhythm Composer was hailed as having "that sound", and was used on tracks by Beastie Boys, Run DMC and Whodini.

In 2018 on 808 day, Roland paired up with craft-brewing companies to create the BR-808 - a collaborative effort between DevilCraft in Tokyo, Mondo Brewing Company in London and Melvin Brewing in Washington State.

Check the microsite here and watch the video below.