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New techno festival set to take place in a secret military bunker

Taking place between 17th and 19th August in the abandoned Honecker-Bunker...

5001 is the newest festival set to hit Berlin this summer, with the party due to take place in an abandoned military bunker in the north of the city.

Completely hidden from the public eye, it’s fair to say that the Honecker-Bunker is a place of significant history. The DDR’s most important military bunker, it remained a secret until it was discovered in the aftermath of the Berlin wall’s fall. 

Built to house the DDR elite in the event of a nuclear war, it’s now going to write a whole new chapter in the history books thanks to it being chosen as the location for the inaugural 5001 festival.

Curated with techno purists in mind, 5001 has invited a diverse array of acts to join them this summer. Alongside a range of techno sonics, there will also be an ambient stage for revellers in need of something a bit different. 

The first cast of names are massively promising too, with the likes of Accurate, Antigone, Francois X, Freddy k, Rachel Lyn, Shlømo and Tom Talenburg all getting the nod. Further line-up announcements will be made in February and March.

For more information, be sure to check the website here