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The retro 16-bit video game synth can also be used as an iOS plug-in for GarageBand, Cubasis and other DAWs

AudioKit Pro has launched SAGA Synth, an iPhone app for making chiptune music. Crafted using five vintage hardware Yamaha YM2616 FM synthesis sound chips (most...

'Monitress' was created by Jon Leidecker, AKA Wobbly, for Hausu Moutain Records

A symphony has been composed from multiple iPhones by San Francisco multimedia artist Jon Leidecker, AKA Wobbly. 

'Monitress' will land via the Chicago label Hausu...

The new iPod touch will come with 256gb of storage and iPhone 7-level processor...

Apple have announced their first new iPod since 2015, a new iPod touch.

The tech giant, who recently announced their phasing out of iTunes...


Steve Lacy has launched a new project — titled the ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’ — made from music created by using only his iPhone and Apple’s...

This is the world we live in now...

Yes, you read that correctly. Apple's new upcoming iOS 10.2 update is set to include male and female emojis based upon the late, great David...

Could this be the end for the sea of cameras in front of the stage?

Apple has been granted a patent for technology that could be used to stop attendees of live events from using their iPhone camera to film...

Our handy mobile guide to EDC Las Vegas that will help in crucial times of need...

There’s the obvious: drink lots of water. Your own water, not the water from the bottle belonging to that dude standing next to you dressed...

Pioneer 's XDJ-R1 controller via Wi-Fi

Remote Box gives complete control of the deck and mixer sections of the XDJ-R1 controller via Wi-Fi.

Out of this world

Their synthesisers have been heard on countless hit records as well as underground masterpieces.

Version 2 of their popular djay app

Algorridim have taken their hugely successful djay app to the next level to ensure that it stays at the forefront of tablet and mobile phone DJing with a fantastic new user interface as well as some amazing new features and effects

Bob Moog = phat name when it comes to bass

Arturia have used their True Analog Emulation (TAE) technology to bring back to life one of the most revered classic synthesisers, namely the Minimoog model D, as the iMini.

Touch it, Bring it, Drop it

TouchOSC is a handy little App that will appeal to hardcore tweakers and the less technical alike by providing an interface for iPads and iPhones to connect to pretty much any MIDI or OSC compatible music software or hardware

Popular DJ app expands reach

Native Instruments follows up the release of Traktor DJ for iPad by making a version for all iPhone and iPod users.

Vestax release Spin 2 controller for djay

Hot on the heels of the newly upgraded djay software from Algoriddim is Vestax’s new Spin2 Controller. Spin2 is a two-channel DJ controller, which lets DJs directly connect and control Algoriddim’s popular app for Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch platforms