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April Clare Welsh
25 April 2022, 11:34

Arturia releases new free virtual strings instrument

Available to download for free until 30th April


Arturia have inaugurated their new Augmented Series with the release of a free virtual strings instrument.

The Augmented Strings Intro fuses "rich sampled strings with state-of-the-art synthesis" and is described as "a hybrid instrument by Arturia". It's the first stop in Arturia's Augmented Series, which promises "acoustic instruments reinvented”.

As well as covering a rich palette of traditional orchestral and string samples, the instrument's new Morph knob allows users to move between two sound layers for "unique and ever-evolving sound with one click".

Watch the Augmented Strings Intro video below and download for free until 30th April via the Arturia site.

Arturia are known for enhancing vintage synths with high-tech touches and for their collection of virtual historic synths. In 2020, they unveiled their clone of the Oberheim OBX-a

Last month, the French electronics leaders unveiled a new plugin called Efx FRAGMENTS, which uses granular synthesis to transform sounds that pass through it resulting in "the dreamy, powerful, transformative sound of granular”.