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Berlin has imposed a curfew on all bars

It follows a similiar announcement for bars in Paris earlier this week

Berlin has imposed a curfew on all bars and restaurants amid rising COVID-19 cases in the capital.

Following new restrictions from the French government earlier this week, which saw all bars in Paris order to close, the mayor of Berlin, Michael Mueller, has enforced a curfew on bars and restaurants in the German capital city.

Bars and restaurants must now remain closed between the hours of 11PM and 6AM, with petrol stations prohibited from selling alcohol during the same time period. 

So far, four of the city's 12 districts have been declared "high-risk zones" for COVID-19, and comes less than six months after a small number of clubs in Berlin began reopening with strict social distancing measures as Germany’s coronavirus lockdown was relaxed.

In June, the German government announced they had committed €150 million to the country's live music industry as part of broader plans to kickstart the economy amid the pandemic. The new scheme from the German government entitled Neustart Kultur, which translates to restart culture, will see the funds injected into the country's live music and events industry, and comes as part of the government's plans broader €1 billion plan to rebuild cultural and entertainment businesses.

In August, German chancellor Angela Merkel  announced that restrictions on large-scale events, which includes festivals and fairs, would be in place until October 31st.

(Pictured: Klunkerkranich, Berlin)