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Ibiza authorities are banning disposable plastics

Gone by 2020...

Ibiza authorities continued their pledge to beautify the White Isle's beaches with a ban on disposable plastics. The ban is set to take effect by 2020.

A recent report by Greenpeace states that the Mediterranean alone has accumulated 1,455 tonnes of plastic with 75 percent of rubbish collected on Spanish beaches being made of plastic.

According to a regional publication The Local, the ban includes plastic cups, straws, disposable lighters and even coffee machine capsules (ex: Keurig pods).

"Our territory is limited and environmentally sensitive, while an economy mainly based on tourism sends the use of such items spiralling", explained Sebastiá Sansó, director general of the region’s environmental department. "We want to be fully recyclable by 2020."

The announcement follows other legislation meant to enhance sustainability of the island and control the type of tourism taking place across the Balearic islands. Restrictions on open-air music venues, enhanced noise ordinances, and even an alcohol ban on incoming flights have been either approved or discussed by local officials.

While no financial impact report has been provided, the ban on plastics could likely impact the availability of water within the island’s dancing destinations.