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Declan McGlynn
25 September 2023, 16:03

FL Studio adds stem separation and AI mastering in new beta

It’s the biggest update to the popular DAW in years 

FL Studio 21

The latest beta of FL Studio is now available, adding AI mastering and stem separation to the DAW. Both features use FL Cloud, a new addition that was announced in August this year, and allows the popular software to become cloud-connected, meaning new features and audio content can be added remotely by Image-Line. 

The latest version of the beta — FL Studio 21.2 — has added a much-anticipated stem separation tool, the first DAW to use AI to split fully mixed tracks into their constituent parts such as bass, drums, and vocal. The results depend heavily on the source material, and artefacts are often left behind during the stem-splitting process, but it’s a big step towards fully integrated AI tech inside a DAW.

Another new feature is AI mastering. Again, FL Studio 21.2 beta is the first DAW to offer this service inside the software and uses “automatic genre detection” to help achieve better results. FL Cloud subscribers can choose their own genre from a drop-down list. It’s also possible to select the desired output for the track, and the ideal loudness level for the new master.

Both these features are on top of the already announced tools such as Sounds — a new section that lets users access a selection of samples from the cloud, automatically synced to the project tempo — and Keplar, a clone of the classic Roland synth, the Juno-6.

FL Studio license holders can download the beta for free and start experimenting with these new features on the FL Studio forums. No date has yet been announced for official release.

Screen shot of FL Studio's mastering export options