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Toumba announces new EP, ‘Janoob’, on Nervous Horizon

The EP channels the sound of Jordanian artist's homeland, with ‘Janoob’ (جنوب) meaning ‘The South’ in Arabic 

Toumba standing in a beanie hat and jacket surrounded in blurry orange and pink lights

Toumba has announced a new EP, ‘Janoob’, on Nervous Horizon.

The Amman, Jordan-based DJ and producer — who is the curator of the city's club and arts venue MNFA — makes his debut on the East London label with a release that marks a "truly a full circle moment" for the artist, who started making music a few years ago having been influenced by the label's percussive output. "Janoob is a whole new experience and by far the most mature and complex integration of my sonic identity into my music," he said.

Out on vinyl and digital on 2nd June, 'Janoob' channels the sound of Toumba's homeland, with ‘Janoob’ (جنوب) meaning ‘The South’ in Arabic and also existing as an area of Jordan inhabited by the Bedouins.

Toumba, real name Yazan Zyadat, has put out releases on on Hessle Audio, All Centre and Hypnic Jerks. In 2020, he organised the ‘Grief Into Rage’ compilation in order to raise funds for victims of a catastrophic explosion in Beirut, which claimed the lives of 218 people in August 2020.

Check out 'Janoob's title track below and pre-order the EP from Bandcamp ahead of its release on 2nd June here.

Last month, Peder Mannerfelt unveiled a new EP, 'Hyperchase' for Nervous Horizon, which followed the Fixing the Roof' by Cocktail Party Effect, released in February.

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